New students

Welcome to Wadham! On and around this page you should be able to find almost everything you could need as a new student at Oxford, and, if you're still left with questions unanswered, you can always either post a question on Wadham's freshers' Facebook group or search out your college parents and your Freshers' Committee. Almost every college claims their students are friendly and approachable, and we're definitely no exception: if you've a query or a problem, just ask!

Freshers' Week

You can find out here what's on for you in Freshers' Week and where you can find help and welfare.

Meal booking

You can find Wadham's online meal booking system at save it as a bookmark.

Tesco and Sainsbury's


Freshers' guide

You can read and download a copy of the freshers' guide here. Inside you'll find a quick introduction to things like College accommodation, welfare, the city, and your student union. If you're still stuck, take a look at the Wadham Handbook.

Find a book or an article

If you need to find a resource in one of the University's libraries, you can start your search at

Welfare at Wadham

In the Welfare section on the Freshers' Week page, you can find the contact details of the lodge, the student union's welfare team, your local GP, and many more.

Student union calendar

Take a look at the student union Google calendar as it fills up with events over the next term.