Charities and ethics

Wadham is an open and outward-looking community with a strong commitment to community and giving back. We have a pretty big charities budget which we can put towards fundraising projects or distribute amongst charities suggested by members of the SU.

I’m Jahni, a third year History student and I’m your Charities, Ethics and Environment Officer this year – please get in touch with me at if you have any questions. See below for information on current and ongoing projects and ways for you to get involved.


Charities Meeting: this happens once a term and is a chance for you to suggest charities that you’d like us to put money towards. Anyone can suggest any registered charity of their choosing and at the meeting, each person tells us about their charity and why they’d like us to support it. The pot of money (which comes from the charities levy that y’all pay on your battels) is then divided between them.

Blood drive: I’m in the process of trying to set up a blood drive in college – this will probably happen in second term, working with other colleges. More info to come!

Bone Marrow sign up clinic: we’ll also be hosting an Anthony Nolan session to sign up for bone marrow donation.

Christmas fundraiser: at the end of this term, we’ll hopefully have some sort of Christmas concert/ceilidh/party/general shindig as a fundraiser to get everyone into the Christmas giving spirit.

World AIDS Day: I’m going to be working with Charities Officers at other colleges to put on an awareness-raising event on World AIDS Day on 1st December.

Fair trade status: Wadham is currently a fair trade approved college, but our certificate runs out this year, so I’m working on an application to make sure we retain this status. This will involve working with College and probably adjusting a few things around Wadham (e.g. food on sale)

Sponsored event: I’m not sure what form this will take, but I want to have a big Wadham-wide sponsored event some time next term, something like the very successful Wadham Walks to Wembley initiative last year.

Clothes/books/anything bring-and-buy sale: I’ll probably organise this towards the end of the year (so that people can get rid of stuff they don’t need any more) but will keep you all posted.

Living Wage Campaign: as of this year, Wadham should be paying all its staff a living wage. If, for whatever reason, this isn’t the case, I’ll make sure to campaign within college to get this sorted.


Nominate a charity for the Charities Meeting! Just look out for the email when I send it out and follow the very simple instructions.

Give blood! If you want to do this soon, then have a look here for local sessions: Alternatively – some of those are a trek away – wait til we have one at Wadham.

Sign up to give marrow! The sign up process is easy and pain-free, so definitely worth doing.

Take part in a sponsored event! (When I pick something cool and communal for us to do, obv)

Don’t throw away your old stuff! Save it for bring-and-buy-sale.

Read my emails! They won’t be very funny or include links to hilarious youtube videos but at least there won’t be too many of them. 

Talk to me! If you have any ideas about things we could or should be doing, then please do let me know – would love to hear everyone’s thoughts and have you all get involved.