I’m Jahni, a third year History student and I’m your Charities, Ethics and Environment Officer this year – please get in touch with me at su.charities@wadh.ox.ac.uk if you have any questions or ideas about environment-related stuff at Wadhs. 

Overall, Wadham is pretty green, but there are definitely things we can improve. This year, I’m going to be working with College to make sure that we’re making every effort to recycle and limit our waste, in terms of rubbish, energy and water. This will include big things like recycling all waste at events like Wadstock and Queerfest (as we did for the first time ever last year!) to the small stuff, like ensuring that the rubbish from our rooms is properly recycled. 

Last year, I started work on trying to get a bike scheme set up in college – this would work a little bit like London’s Boris Bikes. Anyone who signs up to the scheme can borrow out a Wadham bike for a few hours if their bike is broken/stolen/at home. I’m going to carry on working on various legal and practical difficulties with College, try and secure funding, and potentially have a scheme in place by the end of the year!

Towards the end of the year, we’re going to have a bring-and-buy sale, so make sure you don’t throw stuff out – keep your old books, clothes, crockery etc. and sell them on then. 

One of the biggest things that we need to do as a community is just make sure we’re being as green as possible on a daily basis – so turn out your lights, use your recycling bins, don’t waste paper, take carrier bags with you to the supermarket and all that jazz!