Hey Freshers!

Welcome to the (online) Wadham community! This page is here to give you a bit more information about life in Oxford. Wadham is an incredibly inclusive and friendly college, well known for having an active and engaged student body. Students here are involved in a wide range of activities outside of academic life, there’s almost no interest you can’t pursue.

Keep an eye on this page for important information, and documents that we will post, particularly throughout the summer. At the moment, we’ve got a full team of people, both staff and students, working to make sure your transition into university is seamless. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact myself. No question is too small!

Very much looking forward to welcoming you in person next year!

Natalie Beckett
Wadham SU Freshers President

For 2019 freshers, your Freshers President is Avnika Patel. Website will be updated in due course.