A pciture of our former college welfare dog, Jonah, sat on my lap.

Hi everyone! I’m Alasdair (he/him), President of Wadham SU 2019/20. I’m a second year biochemist and essentially the main point for liaison between college and the student body. “College” refers to all the staff at Wadham. If you have any issues with the way college is been run or the way you are being treated, I am the person to talk to. Alternatively, if you have cool ideas to improve college, I can help you do that too. I’ll be at every SU meeting and also will run some drop in sessions every so often. Feel free to add me on Facebook – Alasdair Leeding – or send me an email at

A very quick summary of what I’m aiming to do this year is:

  • Negotiating a new rent deal
  • Building community links especially out in Iffley where 2nd years are now living.
  • Improving sexual health provision
  • Have more college wide events
  • Improve information available about the building works
  • Improve SU engagement