Disabled Students Officers



Hi, I’m Annis (they/them) and I’m a 2nd year classicist from Cardiff, Wales. You will likely find me sleeping in the library, listening to K-pop, or at circus training (I am an aerial circus performer specialising in static trapeze, and I am so much happier in the air than on the ground – literally as soon as my feet touch the ground I’m the clumsiest person alive).

Hi, I’m Priya (she/her) I’m a second year studying Classics and English. I come from the smallest town in Kent and since there’s not much to do there, I love to read, go on walks and watch trashy rom coms! I’m always up for a chat if you want to discuss which is the best Bridget Jones film, which Taylor Swift album is your favourite, or whether or not Hamilton is overrated.

The key role of the DSO is to provide support to disabled students at the college. That involves many types of support, including:
– Emotional and advisory support -> we are always here to give advice or just have a chat – we will always be friendly faces around the college!
– Logistical support -> we help with practical issues and questions such as help with accessibility, where to seek certain kinds of help, advice about systems in place for disabled students, such as the DAS, exam access arrangements, etc.
– Financial support -> through our prescription reimbursement scheme and providing advice about applying for services such as the Disabled Students’ Allowance and the NHS Low Income Scheme.

To get in touch with Annis and Priya email them at su.disabilities@wadham.ox.ac.uk.