International Officer

Hey everyone!  

My name is Rhea (she/her), I am a second-year PPEist, and I’m from Qatar (ish). I will be your International Officer for 2020-21. My role is to look out for international students: represent our concerns in the SU committee, liaise with college when necessary and organise international-specific events!  

Personally, I would like to strengthen cross-cultural engagement between international and domestic students. To that end, I aim to increase collaboration with liberation officers (acknowledging variation in identity dynamics internationally), welfare, and entz (eg: non-English film nights, international bop sets etc.); continue with ‘Language Exchange’; and organise an ‘International Food Fair’.  

Additionally, I would like to increase Wadham’s transparency with regards to financial matters, especially considering remote learning, and aim to ensure Wadham provides support to international students in terms of Covid-19 (quarantines, meal deliveries etc.).

Lastly, I would like to make sure students are updated on the work of the university-wide International Students’ Campaign.  

Admittedly, I will fall short on some of these objectives but I will do my best!  

Please email me at, or drop me a message on Facebook (Rhea Arora) if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions!