Trans Officer

Hi, I’m River, my pronouns are he/him; I’m a second-year classicist and Wadham SU’s trans officer this year! I represent and support all trans+ (non-binary, intersex, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, questioning, etc) students at Wadham, whether this is during college and SU meetings, with official administrative matters, or just for a chat about gender. I’m also one of OULGBTQ+ Soc’s trans officers this year!

My role as the trans officer is to support the trans students at Wadham and make sure that our college is as trans-friendly as possible. All the bathrooms in college are gender-neutral and everyone is encouraged to give their pronouns in introductions, greetings, and emails.

image description: River is smiling at the camera; he has short pink hair with blue tips, he is wearing glasses and a patterned shirt.

My main responsibility is the transition fund – it reimburses transition-related items (including: binders, packers, make-up, breast forms, etc), menstrual products, travel costs to GIC clinics, and HRT prescriptions charges. Please do not hesitate to use this – it is here to help take some financial strain off transitioning; the limit for each reimbursement is £70 and the fund can be accessed multiple times. LET US GIVE YOU MONEY!!! LET US HELP YOU!!

Just send me an email with your receipt and bank details and I will get it sorted for you with the treasurer! (let me know beforehand if you’d like it to be anonymous).

I also collaborate with the LGBTQ+ officers to put on events around college (films, socials, arts & crafts), but most especially Queer Week in 6th week of Michaelmas, which will be full of talks and fun things!

If you would like some help on changing your details on the college system, email, or with your tutors etc, please get into contact! Or if you have any queries or concerns about being trans at uni, pop up too. I’m here as a point of contact for all trans students before and during their time at Wadham. Please message me on Facebook (River Deng) at any time (especially if you have questions before coming), or email me at

lots of trans love, and see you soon! 🙂