Welfare Officers



Hi! I’m Emma (she/her), I’m a third year studying Ancient and Modern History. I’m from a small town in the west of Ireland! I love drama and
have been involved in drama here at Wadham. A fun fact about me is that I have a birthmark on my knee that (in my opinion) kinda looks like Australia!

Hey, I’m Jeshin (he/him), I’m a second year studying Economics and Management. I’m from South London and for hobbies, I play a lot of volleyball and am trying to learn bass guitar (keyword being trying). A fun fact about me
is that I’m a fiend for Capri-Suns and I always have some in store if I ever want one.

Hi!! I’m Tom (he,him) and I’m a second year studying History. I am Chinese and from the glorious city of Birmingham. I love iced coffee, vegan home cooking, and all things artsy! Outside of my degree and welfare, you will find me in a choir/orchestra rehearsal or under a ball of yarn (I like to crochet). Fun fact: I once ordered a cheeseburger happy meal minus the burger and minus the cheese in a state of vegan desperation when I was in Hong Kong.


Hello, I’m Rory (he/him), I’m a 4th year studying German and Arabic. I’m from the depths of Worcestershire. I’m a big fan of old buildings and stained glass in particular — so Oxford is the perfect place to be!

As welfare officers, our role includes
lots of free food!! We work together to improve the general welfare of the students at Wadham. This is done by organising weekly events like yoga and Zumba classes and food drops in and organising one-off things like dog and alpaca visits! Our role also consists of being someone that students can come and talk to if they are struggling with their personal welfare.

To get in touch with our lovely welfare officers email them at su.welfare@wadham.ox.ac.uk.