Wadham College has always been committed to supporting charitable causes, from supporting the local Oxford community to reacting to global issues. We have a large charities budget collected from each student in battels, and every charity donation is proposed by a Wadham student and passed by our SU. We strive to use our financial power for good and to make a difference on a local to a global scale. 

In addition, we support the Chaplain’s Gatehouse project, spreading the word about volunteering opportunities to bring food from Wadham to the Gatehouse, supporting homeless and vulnerable members of the Oxford community. 

We also try to run a fundraiser once every term, for a cause voted on by Wadham students. Last February, we ran a charities concert supporting Oxfordshire Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre. Thanks to our volunteer performers and the many students that attended, we raised 226 pounds for OSARCC!

In response to the Black Lives Matter Movement, we also ran a fundraiser for the National Lawyers’ Guild Foundation, to support bail and legal services for Americans protesting police brutality and racial violence.  We raised a total of $770!

This November, we took part in a cross-college food donation drive (BOGOF), with Wadham students donating an amazing 413 items to the local foodbank to help feed families over the Christmas holidays.

In 2021, I want to continue celebrating a culture of volunteering in Wadham, and make sure that after an odd beginning to university life, freshers get to hear about all the aspects of charities, fundraising and volunteering that they can get involved with here. I’ll also be continuing our fundraising with lots more fun events planned for the coming terms, hopefully some of which will be in person.

Charities Elections:

In addition to activities throughout the year, we also organize Charities Elections in Trinity Term. In these elections, any student can nominate a charity (the window for nominations will be designated by the current officer, but this typically occurs in the second half of Trinity Term). After nominations have ended, an online election will be held in which every Wadham student may vote. The 6 charities with the most votes will receive a percentage of 5,000 pounds (or however much remains in the Charities account) depending on their ranking. 

(Please note that students who have opted out of the charities levy should not participate in Charities Elections)

Emergency Motions:

If there is a donation that you believe cannot wait until the next SU meeting, you may also submit an emergency motion. This emergency motion must be approved by the President, Charities Officer and Chair.  If it is approved, an online poll will be released to all students, and the motion must receive a majority of votes in favor to pass. This motion may request up to 500 pounds, or 50% of the total charities fund (whichever is less).

Next year, we plan to continue Wadham’s engagement in charity work and giving back to the local community! Remember, any Wadham member can submit a charities motion, so if there’s a cause you think Wadham should be supporting, feel free to reach out! I’m always available to help write or submit motions, and to give guidance on how best to support a cause, so don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions at

In addition, if you want to volunteer, donate, or support a cause on your own, please check out this list of charities that Wadham students have supported already in 2020!


The Bail Project

Black Visions Collective

Citizens’ Advice Banbury


Guide Dogs UK


KITE Oxford Nairobi

Know Your Rights Camp

LGBTQ+ Freedom Fund

The Loveland Foundation

National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network

The Oxford Hub

Oxford Mutual Aid

Oxfordshire Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre


Supporting black-owned-businesses