Eduroam Guide – How to connect

Eduroam can be confusing at first, so here you have a step-by-step guide on how to connect to it.

Part 1: Setting up a remote Access Account password

A. Set up your “remote access” password. This, frustratingly, is a different thing to your SSO (single sign on) that you use to log on to any other Oxford online system.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your “normal” university SSO
  3. Find the “Self-registration” button on the left and click it
  4. Click on “Set up a Remote Access (Eduroam WiFi/VPN) account password”
  5. Enter a new password, keeping in mind all the password selection rules specified on the right (it has to be different from your SSO password, for example)
  6. Click submit
  7. It might take about 10 minutes before your new remote access password works, so maybe go grab a cup of tea before you proceed with the next steps to connect to eduroam on your devices.

Here is what the website should look like:

Part 2: Connecting to eduroam on your device

A. Apple devices (except MacBooks – see “3. Laptops” for these)

  1. Go to your Wi-Fi settings, ensure Wi-Fi is turned on, click on eduroam and enter your remote access account username and password.
  2.  If asked to trust the certificate, select “Accept” or “Trust”.
  3. You should then be connected to eduroam.

B. Android phones:

  1. Go to your Wi-Fi settings and click on eduroam, then enter the following settings:
  2. EAP method: PEAP
  3. 2 stage authentication: MSCHAPV 2
  4. CA certificate: use system certificates
  5. Domain:
  6. Identity: wadh1234@OX.AC.UK (with your real username 4-digit number)
  7. Anonymous identity: leave blank
  8. Password: your remote access password
  9. Click connect

C. Laptops:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the download eduroam button and then select “University of Oxford”
  3. Download the package
  4. Install it (i.e. click or doubleclick on it once downloaded)
  5. Follow the instructions in the install manager
  6. Connect to eduroam using your username (wadh1234@OX.AC.UK) and your remote access password

If you have any problems connecting to eduroam, you can contact the tech officer ( or go to the IT Department (Holywell court). Alternatively you can find further guidance online on: