ID: A picture of Aaron, smiling at the camera in a red patterned shirt. I have short black hair, dark eyes and glasses.

Hey everyone! I’m Aaron (he/they), President of Wadham SU for 2020/21. I’m a second-year student reading German and Portuguese, and I basically act as the messenger between College’s governance and the student body as a whole – as well as the rest of Wadham’s wonderful staff. If you have any issues with the way College runs things, or need a point of contact to anyone within the SU or the college management, that’s me! If you have any good ideas to improve college, I can help with that too! I’ll be at every SU meeting, and I also run the Wadham SU twitter (@WadhamSU) if you want to get in touch. Feel free to add me on Facebook – Aaron Kai Shankar – or email me at

A very quick summary of what I’m aiming to do this year is:

  • Getting more freshers involved in the SU
  • Making the SU more accessible for everyone
  • Working towards the Oxford Living Wage for college staff
  • Giving the SU a stronger standing in decisions made in college
  • Keeping everyone well informed on what’s going on
  • Maintaining a safe space in the SU where everyone feels welcome to express their opinion, and everyone feels represented