Tortoise Officer

photo of tortoise officer Ben lying on the grass with the college tortoise Archie

Hi everyone! I’m Ben (he/him), a second year physics student and the tortoise officer for 2020-21. My role is to take care of the Wadham SU tortoise (Archie). 

The role involves:

  • looking after the tortoise every day during Trinity term, in the college gardens
  • looking after or arranging care for the tortoise for the summer vacation
  • liaising with the hibernation carer of the tortoise
  • organising opportunities for students to meet the tortoise
  • entering the tortoise into the annual Corpus Christi College tortoise fair (training him for this extremely competitive event may also be attempted but is not for the faint-hearted)

There are also other odd jobs, such as maintaining his enclosure in college to make sure he doesn’t escape! But in general it’s a case of making sure he’s as happy and healthy as possible!

If you’d like to keep up with Archie, check out his Instagram for updates during the summer (@archibaldmanshella, preview below!). He will be getting ready to hibernate at the start of Michaelmas term (October 2020) so most likely won’t be in college until the spring.
Feel free to contact me via Facebook (Benedict Pery) or email me on if you have any questions about the role!

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