Welfare Officers



Hello hello! We are Eva (she/her), Gabby (she/her), Cara (she/her) and Robbie (he/him), and we make up your welfare team for this year. The welfare team works alongside the peer support team, the college counsellor, chaplain and nurse. We’re the people to come to if you’re worried or concerned about anything, if you’re feeling overwhelmed in any way, or if you just want someone to chat to. We’re also responsible for welfare Zumba, the welfairy, organising drop-ins and other welfare events, and distributing free contraception. This year has been very different in many ways, but we’ll try our best to do as much as we can within the restrictions of social distancing. We plan to focus on continuing online Zumba and the weekly welfare drop-ins, as well as running some online welfare teas to keep people connected if they’re self-isolating. We also want to highlight the role of the peer support team and raise awareness of how they can help you, and to promote the sexual health and wellbeing aspect of our role in supporting everyone’s welfare, such as reimbursements for sexual health tests and products. Most importantly, we’re the people you can come to for support, advice or even just a chat: these are very strange times, and we really want to help and support you as much as we can!! Wadhlove <3



Contact: su.welfare@wadham.ox.ac.uk