Women Officers



Hiya! We’re Hannah (she/her) and Ruby (she/her) the SU Women*’s Officers this year. We are both second-years and linguists (Hannah does German and Ruby does French and German)! We are very excited to get started with the role and have lots of ideas for some fun events, and please get in touch if you have any suggestions! We are also here for any concerns you have, so please reach out to the SU Women*’s Officer email address.. Some facts about us: we are both anti-rowing (making us part of the minority, particularly among our friends who are all rowers) we lived in a staircase with a very tiny kitchen last year and so we have learnt to cook some great dishes on the worlds tiniest hob with no windows, we are also both Greys Anatomy lovers and have been known to give our friends some excellent (drunk) haircuts. 

What we do:

The role of the Women*’s Officers is to represent the interests of women, non-binary people, and gender minorities at the SU and college level. This includes a number of duties: running the reimbursement scheme, attending Gender RepCom, attending SU meetings, maintaining and stocking the Women’s Room, taking care of students’ welfare needs, and providing relevant information and details of support services to students. If you have any women* related concerns or suggestions, or any concerns in general please approach us – promise we’re friendly! 🙂

Find more information material here.