Women Officer



We’re Lisa and Leah, the representatives for women and non-binary (NB) people at Wadham. The core elements of our role are looking after the welfare of women and NB people at Wadham and advocating for gender equality in Wadham and at a university-wide level. We run the reimbursements scheme for period products and emergency contraception, maintain the Women’s room at Wadham, and run socials and events for International Women’s Day. Our personal goals for the role include building the personal and academic confidence of women and non-binary people, collaborating with other liberation officers to promote intersectionality and make Wadham a welcoming space for everyone, and contributing to the fight against sexual violence and combatting its chronic under-reporting. Approach us with any concerns relating to women and nb people at Wadham – we and River (the trans officer) are your first points of contact if you experience or observe instances of gender-based discrimation/harassment. Please also come to us with any suggestions about how to make Wadham and Oxford as a whole a better place for women and nb people!

Contact: su.women@wadham.ox.ac.uk

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