New SU Officer role for mature students created

Congratulations to Charlotte Grayson who has been elected to be the first SU mature students officer !

In trinity term 2020 a constitutional motion was passed to introduce the new role of a SU Mature Students Officer. Mature students are students that are 21 years old or older at the time of their matriculation. Owing to their age, mature students have a different experience of undergraduate life, and this new role will make sure that these different experiences are well represented within the SU and create social events for mature students.

The section in the SU Standing Orders explaining the tasks of this new role now reads:

The Mature Students Officer shall:

1. Represent the needs of mature students in Wadham SU and liaise with welfare and any liberation officers as appropriate regarding their needs.

2. Provide support for mature students in college. 

3. Organise events and other activities for and with mature students. 

4. Work to encourage the integration of mature students into the student body.

Wadham SU Standing Orders, section 3.B.29