SU Elections II Hilary 2021

The second and penultimate round of elections for Hilary is now over. Congratulations to all the new SU officers and reps!

  • Disabled students’ officers: Anna Power and Keir May
  • Entz Officers: Alasdair Leeding, Danielle Chorley, Ike Williams, and Lara Bulloch
  • Environment and Ethics officers: Tara Desai and Grace Clover
  • Freshers’ president: Lily Webb
  • Freshers’ reps: Zoé Lacour, Tom Haggith, Anna Davidson, Georgie Walker, Alex Kahn, Nia Large
  • JCR officer: Dan Whiley
  • Trans officers: River Deng and Ricky Cooke

Thanks to the previous Officers for all their work over the last year and good luck to the newly-elected! For detailed election results, email the Chair.